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Jul 2015
DBC in Hong Kong has launched it's TV3 program based on the visual radio taing video and camera motion from dbc3 the business radio channel.
Apr 2015
Supply and delivery of equipment for TV Production Studio Yegu station and Yangon MRTV headquarter
Sep 2014
Supply and installation of Broadcast Network Planning Tool and related services (Service provided)
Sep 2014
Supply and Installation of 20 kW analogue Transmitter
Aug 2014
Supply and installation of Digital Radio-Archiving & Automation System
Jul 2014
It is the turnkey Project for cubicle and equipment supplying, installation, test and commissioning for the DAB gap filler stations at Pottinger Peak and Hill 374.
Jul 2014
Supply and Installation of remote monitoring and control System for the obstacle light system for 10 sites (including the Control Centre at CAD Headquarter) for Civil Aviation Department
Jun 2014
Supply and Installation of Virtual Set Studio, 50kW Short Wave transmitter and 200kW Medium Wave radio transmitters
Jun 2014
Volicon Logging Recroder - Multiple Ts & HD-SD 1 TS Lopping System (TBD)
Jun 2014
Supply of Virtual Set System with Immersive Graphics in the News Studio
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