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NDI® Bridge

AV-over-IP technology has re-defined the areas of broadcast , audiovisual and video conferencing into a singular environment.

NDI Bridge allows users to securely share NDI® sources between local or remote sites, anywhere in the world, making it easy to set up and manage. This allows live production teams to stay native in NDI, end-to-end, reducing complexity, cost and latency across any distance and with any applications.

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NDI Bridge delivers local convenience on a global scale as it handles all the complexity of remote sources, supporting all of the benefits of NDI, including alpha channel, KVM, PTZs, tally, metadata and much more.


Take all sources on your network or group and use NDI Bridge as a proxy. NDI Bridge intelligently processes and sends just the sources and streams that you need, making the most of your bandwidth.



NDI Bridge allows you to securely connect two entirely different NDI networks – anywhere in world with full management of all audio and video streams automatically, no matter how many sources. Using just one publicly available IP address as Host, any number of networks can connect and share sources; allowing teams of any size to connect from anywhere on the planet.

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