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With the new emerging digital tools and technologies, we aim to disrupt traditional broadcasting through digital transformation –

what our customers experience will never be the same.

TV and Radio Playout and
Automation System

Broadcast Automation System and Media Asset Management (MAM) on simplicity, flexibility, and speed way.

Production Studios

TV and Radio Production Studios setup with every piece of equipment is strategically sourced from our global network with our technology partners.

AR , VR, xR , 360 Solution

Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Extended Reality (xR) and 360 video Solutions. Make your dreams come true, and create a big difference between you and your competitor's business. 

Remote / Cloud Production

Cloud Solutions is based on the concept of virtual channel playout and is totally software-centric - the future of video production and content delivery, providing TV operators with ultimate simplicity, efficiency and agility. 

NDI and IP Infrastructure

NDI® (Network Device Interface) is a free protocol for Video over IP, developed by NewTek. It is designed to allow distribution of live professional video over existing IP infrastructure, freeing users from hardware constraints and gives the benefits of reduced cost and deployment time.

System Workflow

Our in-house engineering experts bring you innovative design concepts and professional consultation that includes cost-effective layout and workflow planning monitoring of defined sequence of processes and tasks, with the goals of increasing productivity, reducing costs, and becoming more agile.

Design and Build Services and Project Management

Design and Build not limited to system integration, but also installation, commissioning, testing and training.

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